Aloha Justin
Heartfelt THANK YOUs for all the precious feedback
I'm besides myself already with only using the co2zinc twice
Here is my testimonial:
My first day of using the co2zinc plasma, I've mixed 3 drops of it
with half cup of purified water
drank most of it but kept some of it in my mouth for a minute before swallowing the rest of it
within 2-3 minutes, I could feel my energetic field getting stronger and my body lighter
the entire afternoon and evening, my mind felt sharper, more focus and the energetic chaos from outside noises and other sources
I felt peace and a reassurance that ALL is and will be WELL
Things that were irritating me energetically seemed to no longer get to me
I felt protected energetically
My night sleep was very restful with lucid dreaming, waking up refreshed, energized and rejuvenated
2nd day I've repeated with 3 drops and the same effects continue to remain with me
I didn't expect so much, so fast from only 3 drops
can only imagine the cumulative effects of constant use and using various number of drops
and various ways to use it guided by what I need, feel and experience
I've always used advanced healing products but I've never expected such incredible result from 3 drops of plasma
THIS STUFF is beyond priceless
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for creating something truly UNIQUE and PRICELESS
Immense Gratitude and Love from Canada
Aloha Justin
here are our
3rd/4th day testimonials
same results with 3rd/4th day as the 1st/2nd days
of using co2zinc plasma part of our initial 21 days Resistive stage
2 humans and 2 furry babies on co2zinc plasma for 4 days
Humans continue to experience a very palpable energetic strength, our energy fields feel like a strong protective armour, YET, very smooth and fluffy, like a cloud enveloping your body...
we also experience a heightened physical energy, more strength and endurance throughout daily chores
Mentally, we feel more calm, content, yet more focused and somewhat with increased mental powers
we feel more TOGETHER and WHOLE
we feel an overall, mind body and energy field within and around protected and reenforced with strength, power, endurance
we feel BIGGER energetically
the ongoing environmental; energetic chaos continues to no longer affect us as much as before
your senses are heightened yet your protective fields are stronger
AND IT FEELS LIKE YOU CAN REALLY TAP INTO PLASMA'S POWERS WHEN YOU ARE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE, with sudden bursts of untapped energies getting released from within and around...fascinating...
energy sensitives could be having the ride of their lifetimes with plasma if used the right guided by its master alchemist creator, Justin...
starting very small and paying constant attention during the first weeks, to every single detail of your mental, emotional and physical states when plasma enters your systems is paramount to evaluate the quantity you need for various stages and activities...
Our fur babies have ALMOST instantly reacted to plasma
They get 1 drop per day in a small water container, by syringe, based on their size (one bigger, a medium size Goldendoodle and a small one, Shih Tzu)
they are far more peaceful yet energized, they have started to display more funny body language and attentiveness, more energized yet more calm and content, THEY ARE LOSING A LOT OF THEIR RESTLESSNESS, being (like all non human animals) overly sensitive to environmental/planetary energy stresses and noises...
our smaller breed (Shih Tzu) baby used to stand up on his back paws, with his front legs bended under his chest, to reach for a toy or another, because he knows we like when he's doing that but since taking plasma for 3 days in a row, he stands up much longer and walks BACKWARDS in that 2 legged funny acrobatic posture...:)))
all in all, they are definitely, palpably displaying amazing positive changes and improvements...behaviour/mental/physical and emotional
We are already plasma fans and lifetime customers...
I still can't believe such miraculous elixir exists and is available so affordable in this world
BTW, Our initial order was
2 (1oz) bottles of Mana Tonic CO2/Zinc Plasma
2 (1oz) bottles of Mana Tonic Gold Plasma
Through this order, Justin gave us a substantial discount and then, he also generously included 2 EXTRA co2zinc (1oz) bottles, making sure we stick with our INITIAL 21 DAYS RESISTIVE PHASE of ONLY USING co2zinc plasma, BEFORE we can move on to the Conductive > Superconductive}*** PHASES
Our PLASMA journey has just begun, LIFE has meaning again and our spiritual missions are receiving much needed vital strength
and our plasma journaling continues as well with every new change we experience
This stuff feels like LIQUID FREE ENERGY...
He is truly a miracle for this planet and all beings through his amazing elixirs, unlike nothing else available and very generous, selfless and full of integrity.
THANK YOU Justin for being HERE AND NOW, when we need you the most.

I'm using a Justin plasma for 8 years now, it completely changed my life, help my old mom, people and animals close to me.. Implications are endless, so it would take me days to tell all my good results! solution for your situations is here, and its amazing😍😍❤️❤️ Its almost like a blue pill, but takes discipline, trust and love to energy real kicks in! Amazing stuff for amazing people!! If you are not feeling amazing, than it would be good to start right now😉❤️ Only genuine plasma in the World is here.

Hrvoje Nitro

My Testimonial by Gypsy Cassity

Fountain of Youth Plasma has helped me tremendously. The CO2/Zinc Plasma detoxed me and I felt an immediate alleviation of some chronic physical symptoms. The Monatomic Gold Plasma has helped me look and feel younger. It has also helped significantly with my spiritual abilities. I especially like making the Monatomic Gold Plasma Lemon-Aid, it gives me energy and tastes delicious!

Fountain of Youth Plasma products have greatly helped my overall health and my Spirit! I would recommend it to all humans everywhere!



I am absolutely blown away by the positive effects of these products. Not only have they boosted my energy levels and improved my focus, but they have also had a significant impact on my asthma and dental health. I have noticed a marked improvement in my lung function and breathing, and even my dentist has confirmed that my teeth are in better condition than before. The fact that don't need a crown that was previously recommended is truly remarkable. I am grateful for the healing properties of these products and highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being.
~ Christina Walsh